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Our Purpose

The Perfect Coffee

To sustainably end extra charges for plant milk at UK retailers.

Wondering what we mean by extra charges? Put simply, many coffee shops charge consumers up to 50p for plant milk per drink. We want to help independents reduce the associated costs, and collaborate with chains to remove these charges across the board.

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Get Involved

The most impactful way to help right now is to sign our petitionspread the word and complete our survey!

Are you an experienced Barista who wants to see things change?

We want you! Get in touch below.

Our Priorities

Our Campaign

Almond Milk

The Case for Change

Our campaign is built around our purpose, presenting facts and statistics for everyone to digest and share.

See our perspective here.

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Sustainable Solutions

We love coffee shops. A good campaign works with industry, not against it.


Whether a big brand or independent, let's find YOUR way to become free4dairyfree!

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Get in touch with F4DF to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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