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Why it Matters

It comes down to the cost to the planet, your wallet and your health.

Dairy Farm


Producing a single glass of dairy milk every day for a year requires 7,000 sq ft of land, more than 10x required for the same amount of oat milk. [1]

We have no Planet B. The mass production of dairy is playing a fundamental role in the decimation of our fragile world. Opting for a dairy-free alternative is possibly the quickest, easiest and most impactful way to make your mark on the climate crisis.

Of course, no farming bears nil cost to the Earth but EVERY SINGLE dairy alternative does less damage to our ecosystems than dairy farming. Using crops to feed humans is more efficient than using them to feed cows, and then us.


Our decision - right now - to hold the lit match up instead of down will give future generations many more years of life, love and joy. Doing nothing is simply not an option.

Let's take a step toward that change, together.

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When a retailer charges you for a plant milk, you are being forced to subsidise the production of dairy milk.

The global industry standard is to wrap the cost of dairy milk into the retail price of hot drinks. Consider that the cost of an Americano is the same whether it is black or white. There is however, often an extra charge for plant milks. The cost of the dairy milk has not been removed. That's just not fair. You are forced into subsidising the continued production of dairy milk and all the negative bits that go with it.


Only 1 UK chain (Pret A Manger) has abolished extra charges for dairy alternatives (go Pret!) and despite the UK having the highest number of branded coffee shops in Europe, the rest have not yet followed in their footsteps. We want to see price equality, where having a social conscience or worse an allergy isn't taxed in the pursuit of profit.

We do not blame the coffee shops for toeing the line. Instead, we ask them to engage and change with us.


We also recognise that dairy alternatives are marginally more expensive to purchase. However, these costs are significantly inflated and are not proportional to actual costs incurred.

Click here to see an example of how charges play through to profit.

British Pound Coins
Forest Trees



Opting for dairy alternatives is a great way to get QUICK access to some great health benefits. They have been shown to help reduce acne, digestive problems, thyroid activity, increase weight loss amongst much more.

Dairy continues to be a good source of calcium and protein [NICOLE TO ADD MORE]

Those who with an intolerance are all to familiar with being penalised for their allergies 

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